Stop Agent Orange Super-Toxic Herbicide 2,4-D!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is ready to approve genetically engineered Agent Orange chemicals by Dow Chemical for massive spraying over farmlands with the super-toxic herbicide 2,4-D. This dangerous chemical was a deadly component of the Agent Orange chemical warfare program in Vietnam that has killed or seriously injured millions of Vietnamese and returning U.S military Vietnam veterans.

There is a large body of evidence indicating major health problems resulting from exposure to 2,4-D that include cancer, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity, and immunosuppression. The first round of "RoundUp Ready" herbicide resistant crops only helped to breed super-weeds that are a nightmare to farmers. Urge President Obama and USDA Sec. Vilsack to protect America's farmers and our unborn children.

Read the pdf file on the dangers of herbicide 2,4-D here.