Many people were forced to leave their homes and villages and migrate to cities creating large slums as the influx of individuals outnumbered the available housing units.

Today the damage continues. The corporations that caused this holocaust and it is affecting American soldiers who fought in this war and their children and grandchildren even today—hardly paid any compensation to any of the victims. Monsanto and Dow Chemical made a lot of money selling Agent Orange to the USA and became even richer for it. At a minimum, these two corporations should be active players in the clean-up efforts in Viet Nam and at the maximum, they should be paying for the clean-up efforts and assisting all of the victims—American and Vietnamese alike.

Please go through this site and allow your eyes to open to the irresponsibility of major corporations, the destruction of war that continues long after a war ends, and the victims--including generations of American and Vietnamese children. This is not a not for profit site, but donations are needed because someone must help these individuals and make their lives better. Agent Orange is still causing serious problems--its now in the fourth generation and both Vietnamese and Americans are giving birth to babies with such terrible birth defects something must be done.

This is why this site has been developed--it's a cooperative between Americans and Vietnamese.

Welcome to Project Agent Orange.