Family, Friends and Acquaintances:

Yes, I am asking for your emotional involvement. Yes, I am asking for your donation. Yes, I am asking you to link and/or forward this to everyone you know.
As many of you know, I have a particular passion for Project Agent Orange This organization provides information regarding the horrendous effects of the herbicides used during the American War (Vietnam War to most of the US) on not only American service members (such as myself, Rick's Connection with AO, but most particularly on the Vietnamese people, those who still struggle with these poisonous ongoing effects.

Through my association with Michael Brownstein First Poems from Viet Nam and his connection with the Oppenheimer Family Foundation, I have become knowledgeable about these effects and the support provided on a micro scale to several Vietnamese families: Our Project Agent Orange Grant

I am asking a lot of you. Please inform yourself of the problem and the focus of the micro-grant. Please then consider donating, anything you can, through the Donation Request at the beginning of the Project Agent Orange text. This will connect to the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign and their Donation Request in the upper right-hand corner. Then designate Project Agent as the recipient. Your money, and mine, will be put to great use! Also, please consider joining the Project Agent Orange Forum.

Finally, please put this on your Facebook®, go on Twitter® and tweet the focus parts, and forward this by email to all your contacts. Please! – and thank you immensely.