Genetic Rape

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

Too damaged at birth to survive alone,
too innocent to euthanize anonymously;
assuming her mismanaged maternity,
the mother maintains belief in miracles.

Striking a stoical stance, the father
hopes it’s not his fault and knows
he can abandon the thing to others
to feed, bathe, change in perpetuity.

The unborn was helpless anyway,
so, struggling with death at a fatal
birth, will labor long towards an
end, folded in its mangled limbs.

What’s it like to know a child will
never face life’s charms and chance,
what’s it like to face a life without
parents, meaning, or possibilities?

So many orphaned disabilities
that can only writhe beneath the
monumental shame, Monsanto,
and so many left molding behind.


A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

After Monsanto & Dow Chemicals

My book, my aged nursery rhyme,
I will not let you
Go unprepared
Into a bullying market-place.
With humility, I will school you.
And with passion,
Arm you. Arm you against those
Who intern the likes of you.

My clear-eyed simple one
– So many
Of your breed
Have been
Prostrated… and
A whimper.
How easily they trusted.

You must understand the fear –,
The contradictions
That send men mad;
You who
Have known neither.
It is a sorry reform
I send you to.
But –, go you must!

I put on your raiments –. The patched
Jacket. The sure-footed
I kiss your
Young eyes good-bye.
How the years
Will be counted
On the beads
Of a mother’s wondering…

And each night a prayer as I toil
For both of us.
When we meet again,
As we must
– You will have grown
To your own
Likeness. Never
Will I mention

… Our conception.

Yesterday’s Dark Night, Tomorrow’s Dark Dawn, of Monsanto the Soulless

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

Current legal practice invests
corporations with personhood.
I abjure this semantic parsing,
this complex Faustian contract.

Such created, malleable entities,
with individual rights protected
and corporate relativity intact,
contain diluted responsibilities.

Monsanto and its brethren are
ill-equipped to be people, for that
spark of genesis must imbue a soul
and with a soul comes conscience.

The dark dimensions of its colored
past were eventually illuminated to
reveal a cornucopia of catastrophes
Monsanto gave unto multiple ages.

Exoneration by technicality and
making obeisance to monetary
gain are tightly crafted clauses of
Monsanto-government collusion.

Through time humans have sought
redemption and atoned for sins,
but not so corporations who’ve
only done what others ordered.

However, the past is past and
clichéd time heals all wounds
or wounds may kill some people
or time will kill all remembrance.

All not forgiven should be forgotten
so that countries and corporations
may continue to grow, sow and
build new futures on dying pasts.

Dead armies and disabled human
detritus of genetic defeat cannot
shame or delay Monsanto’s
corporate cultivation of greed.

Roundup®, Roundup Ready®,
dioxin, dioxin-plus, super-weeds,
single-germination seeds: all part
of Monsanto’s “elite seed genetics.”

“A sustainable agriculture company.”
one global crop monopoly at a time.
“Improving agriculture. Improving lives.”
with Monsanto integrity, the chaff of profit.

THE IMAGIST After Monsanto & Dow Chemicals

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

Au revoir! Now I borrow from myself
And watch my peerage
Exorcise those pastoral roots.

Conversely… it is, must be, all one.
The scaling down of Yeats
To Devil’s rock

And across the experimental pastiche
Of the senses into
The mirage of tomorrow

In a space where Eros dust serves
Its theatre in-the-round, and

– Formed out of bracken, know
Analogies for
The cosmic dance they are.

Happy New Year’s From Dow Chemical

A Rant by M. Lapin

And we mean it.

We mean didn’t we cause havoc in Vietnam,
India, the Midwest of the USA?

Aren’t you glad we reintroduced
Agent Orange elements to rid
The plains of super-weeds and super-insects
Until we need to make it stronger
Because of new stronger super-weeds
And new and improved super-insects?

Thank you, EPA, USDA, USA.

Tonight make a toast to us
And tomorrow be thankful as our chemicals
Leach into soil and stream, river and lake,
Body and blood—

Who knows what shape humanity may become.

We are the deciders of how our species will look in the future,
The decision makers on who will not have eyes
And who will not have legs.

This is how we will celebrate the new year.

Monsanto Xmas

A Piece by M.Lapin

Monsanto Clause came down the chimney with GMO gravy and cold stew,
an herbicide wash and an insecticide disease,
a Merry We made more money and we don’t care who we harm
and a smile because–please stay tuned:

Monsanto, gift us with charity,
help us stop the degrading of genes,
allow us to grow old healthy and wise.

But Monsanto Clause holds his bag of goods close
and fills us with lies.