A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

(Remembering Monsanto & Dow Chemicals)

Feel in colour. The destruction of sound
Is mild green, terminable.

Easy on the eyes; paint ash or lilac
As if they could not see.

Tri-colour the body from the head’s pivot
To the realm of the Candytuft’s sad soul

And tread by the throats of flowers,
The scents or morning, the air’s

Dominion. Feel. Feel in colour! Where
The black hatband has

Nowhere to rest, and the white glove
Claps farewell…

The Stuff

A Poem by John “tribley” Hosier Jr.

they told us it wouldn’t hurt us
and we figured “why would they lie”
we had enough to worry about

ends up it killed more of us than the war
and it keeps killing us
from the jungle to our clothes
to our drinking water
into our eyes, blood, lungs,
skin, hair, nose, heart, kidneys,
brain, prostrate, colon
and onto our children

Dow—Monsanto—Diamond Shamrock—Uniroyal—
Hercules, Inc.—Thompson Chemical Corp.—
the United States Congress

The Damage Monsanto Has Caused

Information about genetically modified microbes, bacteria, etc. and how they negatively impact on our biosphere:

To the Directors Past and Present of Monsanto and Dow Chemical:

A poem by Melvin L. Johnson

When the blood lines pull taunt and your evil is done,
The hell bound and ugly come on the run
Cross cutting fields, tearing down wheat,
Swallowing your souls because evil is sweet.
The terror you brought veterans, Vietnamese and others
Should not happen to your daughters when they become mothers
And find out their babies have birth defects too.
Will you scream then because it happened to you?
Get this evil off your back. Do the right thing—
Your winter is nearing, wouldn’t you rather have spring?

Agent Orange Old Man in a New Body

How is it to be this old this new, Dow, Monsanto, Uniroyal--

A Poem by Gloria Stevens

How is it to be this old this new
feet and hands and head
Agent Orange: Monsanto’s blood transfusion,
Dow’s tissue transplant.
Uniroyal’s gift of skin.

Look hard, but not away
stockholders, you who are apathetic,
all of you who do not know concern.

Americans, rise up–we caused this.

Call your congressmen–support legislation to help all victims of Agent Orange.


A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

Monsanto’s –

“Sustainable Agriculture”
“Product Stewardship”
“Ensuring Environmental Standards”
“Protecting the Safety of Communities and People”

Buoyed up by destructive agents:

“Elite seed genetics with cutting-edge traits,”
with depleted nutrition and strain-designed sterility;
“Weed control products,”
requiring more applications in increased quantity;
“Glyphosate and Roundup,”
surface application, with soil and water contamination.

Held aloft by outlandish promises:

“Combating insects,”
including killing Monarch butterflies and honey bees;
“Controlling weeds,”
but creating mutated, outlaw weeds on steroids;
“Increasing productivity,”
except when compared to best-farming practices.

Maintained only by Monsanto’s monetary motivation:

They made millions from the sale of DDT,
deadly only to the disease-carrying insects,
until found to kill humans and contaminate water, too;

Billions made from the sale of Agent Orange,
deadly only to the enemy’s jungle concealment,
until found to kill humans and mutilate embryos, too;

Hundreds of billions from glyphosate and Roundup,
deadly only to the weeds choking nutritious crops,
until found to kill humans and their generations, too;

Trillions to be made from the sales of sterile, designer seeds,
deadly only to farmers’ income for required annual re-purchase,
until found later to kill seed-banks, the future and perhaps humans, too.

Note: All quoted material from


A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

‘After Monsanto and Dow Chemicals’

It’s growing up diagonally
At 69 and remembering
September 11
[Not specifically because
Cousin Ricki
Was there…]

It’s the tick-tacking accuracy
Of whether anthrax spores
Are absorbed
In our
Morning coffee:

… Pseudo market forces,
PC hackers
[Con amore]
Or trilingual brokers
Ensnared by
A crust
Of bullion rising

That collars the phrase
– We become
What we deplete.