THE IMAGIST After Monsanto & Dow Chemicals

A Poem by Stefanie Bennett

Au revoir! Now I borrow from myself
And watch my peerage
Exorcise those pastoral roots.

Conversely… it is, must be, all one.
The scaling down of Yeats
To Devil’s rock

And across the experimental pastiche
Of the senses into
The mirage of tomorrow

In a space where Eros dust serves
Its theatre in-the-round, and

– Formed out of bracken, know
Analogies for
The cosmic dance they are.

Happy New Year’s From Dow Chemical

A Rant by M. Lapin

And we mean it.

We mean didn’t we cause havoc in Vietnam,
India, the Midwest of the USA?

Aren’t you glad we reintroduced
Agent Orange elements to rid
The plains of super-weeds and super-insects
Until we need to make it stronger
Because of new stronger super-weeds
And new and improved super-insects?

Thank you, EPA, USDA, USA.

Tonight make a toast to us
And tomorrow be thankful as our chemicals
Leach into soil and stream, river and lake,
Body and blood—

Who knows what shape humanity may become.

We are the deciders of how our species will look in the future,
The decision makers on who will not have eyes
And who will not have legs.

This is how we will celebrate the new year.

Monsanto Xmas

A Piece by M.Lapin

Monsanto Clause came down the chimney with GMO gravy and cold stew,
an herbicide wash and an insecticide disease,
a Merry We made more money and we don’t care who we harm
and a smile because–please stay tuned:

Monsanto, gift us with charity,
help us stop the degrading of genes,
allow us to grow old healthy and wise.

But Monsanto Clause holds his bag of goods close
and fills us with lies.

Giving Tuesday

In the physical, wake of Black Friday, rising from the ashes of Cyber Monday, comes Giving Tuesday – today, a day dedicated to giving instead of getting. we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductable (in the United States) donation to Project Agent Orange:

Click on the link below and let them know it’s for Project Agent Orange.

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Project Agent Orange

Not Circumspect Enough

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

I used to fancy that one day I’d
wipe my bloody ass and note
what’s left of my crimson
salted-sea come flushing out,
allowing my broken body to
expire and those delayed
expectations of the D.V.A.
to be met: another case closed.

While waiting for that
near-term date I learn of
Vietnam welcoming Monsanto
into the country’s agriculture;
genetically modified crops imported
from the megalomaniacal corporation.

I cannot reconcile this tormented
surrender of righteousness to deceit;
I don’t anymore know which bleeds more:
my Agent Orange butt or my broken heart.

because of Re: Project Agent Orange Discussion Board

AGENT ORANGE MAN (Better Living Through Chemistry)

The song “AGENT ORANGE MAN (Better Living Through Chemistry)” is Recorded by Michael Gram (Former LHI Records Recording Artist). It tells the story of the Chemical Poisoning of Military Veterans and the environment both in Vietnam and here in the United States of America.
The producer and song writer Michael Glasser is a 100% disabled veteran who never served in Vietnam but was exposed to Agent Orange amongst several other carcinogenic chemicals at Chanute AFB in Rantoul, Illinois back in 1962 -1964.