The Vietnam…war has mentally and sometimes physically dismembered many veterans. Another factor that plays a role in a war-related suicide is the addition of many on-site diseases such as defoliants, Agent Orange in particular. Made up of equal parts N-Butyl Ester 2,4,-D and N-Butyl Ester 2,4,5,-T, Agent Orange made many Vietnam soldiers go insane (Vietnam Veterans, 11-10-2000). This atrocious chemical lead and still today leads to death, deformation, and diabetes.

A Life Without Guard Rails

A Poem by Donal Mahoney

You think you got problems?
You probably do but would
you trade with Phillip,
a Vietnam vet who still thinks
Agent Orange lurks in
every puddle he steps
around after a heavy rain,
who shovels snow,
cuts lawns and rakes leaves
to make his disability
check go further?

He has a snow shovel
but someone stole his mower
and the grass is growing
and customers are waiting.
He saved three months
to buy a used car to replace
the van that died and that car
died yesterday in the street but
the payments are still due.

Some people think Phillip
causes his own problems
but no one has the answer
as to how he can change
a life that hasn’t changed
much since Vietnam.

It took ten years
to qualify for disability.
He’s been doing odd jobs
and he’ll keep doing them
until he can no longer walk.
He says a Veterans Home
has promised to take him in.

The Birth Defect of Monsanto

A Poem by Birtha de Fect

band aids of breath fleshly blob
intrusive tumors: castrati & anti
revolting and angered—the slur
taking the points from the point
here and now….when and ahah

despite the death and a dread
enemies mired in mud–where
fingers missing….the worms of
egos out of controls, out of we
calling and calling, no, the sac
taking Monsanto’s birth defect

Monsanto and Beer, Glyphosate and Beer

A List Poem by Donnab

German Beer – Glyphosate Contamination – Glyphosate Testing Results:

Hasseröder Pils – 29,74 μg/l (ppb)
Jever Pils – 23,04 μg/l
Warsteiner Pils – 20,73 μg/l
Radeberger Pilsner – 12,01 μg/l
Veltins Pilsener – 5,78 μg/l
Oettinger Pils – 3,86 μg/l
König Pilsener – 3,35 μg/l
Krombacher Pils – 2,99 μg/l
Erdinger Weißbier – 2,92 μg/l
Paulaner Weißbier – 0,66 μg/l
Bitburger Pils – 0,55 μg/l
Beck’s Pils – 0,50 μg/l
Franziskaner Weißbier – 0,49 μg/l
Augustiner Helles – 0,46 μg/l

Assisted Suicide

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

Unlike marriage, suicide is consummated when –

swamps are free of mosquitoes, birds and butterflies,
overnight leaves, fronds and ferns turn brown and fall;
bomb craters lie moist and sticky in the noontime sun;
runoff fouls streams, rivers, and seeps into the water table;
infants die enwombed or born with missing or extra limbs;
you bury your kids while the VA can’t wait to bury you;
targeted weeds thrive on poisons, with exponential growth;
demise of the bees beckons the collapse of the food web;
your food is as contaminated as a chemical war zone;
all appeals have been exhausted for service and succor.

Charges of murder are held to be suicide by misadventure
and Monsanto and friends are exonerated of any wrongdoing.