ax tampax

–because of GMOs, Monsanto, and biotechnology

in spirit of challenging and collapsing
the insidious nature of the corporate monster
that gobbles and trashes and fucks us over
in response to the dirty business
we have made this recipe book.
as an act of resistance to the system
that tramples over the homegrown d.i.y. style
we are sick of how they co-opt our life
to spit out into franchises
to over package our needs into taxed luxuries
we are sick of the garbarators
that insists to dismember
we are sick of how it insists to hide
and disguise our experiences
…the mark up they make on their lies

(The Bloodisters, Red Alert #3, circa late 1990s, p. 3).

There may be dioxin in sanitary pads:

The Damage Monsanto Has Caused

Information about genetically modified microbes, bacteria, etc. and how they negatively impact on our biosphere: