The Vietnam…war has mentally and sometimes physically dismembered many veterans. Another factor that plays a role in a war-related suicide is the addition of many on-site diseases such as defoliants, Agent Orange in particular. Made up of equal parts N-Butyl Ester 2,4,-D and N-Butyl Ester 2,4,5,-T, Agent Orange made many Vietnam soldiers go insane (Vietnam Veterans, 11-10-2000). This atrocious chemical lead and still today leads to death, deformation, and diabetes.

How can Monsanto keep up all of its trouble and your country’s leaders let them be?

A Response Essay from Richard D. Hartwell

Monsanto is punished by your country and has to pay big fine. I do not understand how they can be allowed to tell your government what to do. This DARK Act is confusing to me. Doe Monsanto own the DARK Act?

How can Monsanto keep up all of its trouble and your country’s leaders let them be?



In answer to your question, “How can Monsanto keep up all of its trouble and your country’s leaders let them [Monsanto] be?” I can only provide my own opinion; others will have to provide their own if they disagree –

My country’s politicians have grown increasingly reliant on mass media, specifically television, to influence voters; witness the “circus” our current election is providing to the world. Such media exposure is extremely expensive. Along with those politicians who are already corrupt, my government’s process allows for tremendous, expensive influencing from large corporations such as Monsanto, Dow and others. These corporations can afford to legally and illegally provide financial support to politicians and their appointees to influence their voting and their regulatory decisions. In addition, prior employees of these massive corporations are often selected to fill regulatory positions within the government; we often refer to this as a “revolving door policy” because these appointees still hold allegiance to their previous employers – sometimes while still holding extensive financial interest in the stock of those companies. Sadly, in my country money rather than morality or ethics seems to drive the government. It is often far easier, and cheaper, for these companies to pay fines when they are actually “caught,” rather than lose their corrupt influence.

The United States has a history of condemning, and often intervening in, other countries based on their real or presumed corruption. Viet Nam can be cited as merely one example, along with the “banana republics” of Central and South America, etc. Only by raising widespread public awareness of such corruption and influence-peddling can this policy be curbed and held accountable. Many of us continue to fight for such awareness, but it often seems a fruitless battle – witness the “attacks” on this Forum that the Administrators have to deal with continually. Like them, I will continue my fight against such mega-corporations as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and many, many others.

Such is my opinion in answer to your very pertinent question.



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