October is Agent Orange Awareness Month

An Essay by (COVVHA) Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance with Richard D. Hartwell

October brings visions of cider, warm sweaters, shorter days and time with our families. The colors of foliage quickly turn to yellows, reds, and orange. For people suffering the long lasting effects of the herbicide Agent Orange, which was sprayed as a part of Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam War, October is a yearly reminder of the need for continued Agent Orange education.

Monsanto was one of the seven chemical companies who manufactured Agent Orange which was laced with one of the most deadly chemicals known to man, dioxin. Monsanto, the other six companies, and the U.S. government, are responsible for the slow burn genocide of Vietnam Veterans, their children and grandchildren. Today, fifty two years after the beginning of spraying in Vietnam the effects of the chemical are still being felt here in the United States, Australia, and in Vietnam.

So when your thoughts return to fall and the color orange, remember the children and grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans who continue to fight a war they weren’t drafted for or signed up for. The innocent ones who have been maimed and forgotten, who as adults must now stand up and speak out or continue to be denied until they die like many of their fathers before them. October is Agent Orange Awareness Month; please support those trying to make a difference in their own lives.

[I feel a need to emphasize that the effects of AO discussed above also afflict Vietnamese Veterans of the American War, their children and grandchildren, as well as others "contaminated" by AO's residual impact.]

Eztracted from: CHILDREN OF VIETNAM VETERANS HEALTH ALLIANCE, October 9, 2013, “Agent Orange Awareness Month, COVVHA Steps Up and Speaks Out”




Magic Carpet Bombing

A Poem by David S. Pointer

Military 12 gauge shotguns wouldn’t cut
through the Vietnamese forest foliage

Dow and Monsanto unfolding their
North Korean forgotten War portfolio

Agent Orange barrels bleed from the sky
American kids see Combat and Rat Patrol

A third of the forests destroyed-millions killed
Even water scorpions have congenital defects

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You cannot do the right thing; therefore, you cannot stop a movement. Do the right thing–help the victims of Agent Orange–court cases or not.

KJ Touhy