Monsanto’s Agent Orange, Chiari and Zipperheads

A Work in Progress by Heather of the Support Group for Zipperheads with Chiari (from a comment to Birth Defects by Shari Clark)

My children and I have Chiari,
a brain disease from Agent Orange.
My father was in Vietnam
and because he served his country,
his child and grandchildren are sick.
There is no cure.
My first born’s father died
and I have two more children.
They have Chiari from me
and I have it from my father
who suffers side effects now from AO.
I will never be better,
I will never live a normal life,
I have had brain surgery
and so has my children.
We have learned to live a life with love,
to enjoy each day good or bad,
and we send love and support and thank you.
There are many of us out there.
We are the Zipperheads for Chiari
with zipper-like scars on our heads
and we wear them proudly.

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