The Jungle

A Poem by Gertrude Wong

The trees were wrapped in vines and monkeys,
fruit hung heavy from the branches as if heat could be water,
and there was water, a lot of water, water everywhere,
waterfalls and cascades and deep thriving rivers.

Monsanto came with diseases–horrors–evils–
diseases of greed and money grubbing and everything terrible–
and the jungle changed and the jungle died
and the people of the jungle changed, too,
and nothing was ever the same again.

Do you not think the Black Plague cannot touch us again?
Do you not think Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever can not still reach out?
Do you not think GMO’s creating a resistance in corn
do not change us who eat it (Remember always Agent Orange)–
our resistance is growing weaker and weaker and we tumble downwards,
down onto the paths of least resistance until we lack resistance.

Let the next great plague hit us and it will.
What will stop it from passing through us?
Monsanto’s greed? Monsanto’s evil? Monsanto’s disease?
Monsters destroyed our jungles, our photosynthesis engines,
our water, our soil, our genetic building blocks
and these are the Monsantos, the Dow Chemicals, out there,
killing us slowly…killing us…killing…

because the material was to be used on the ‘enemy,’

A Poem by Dr. James Clary

Editor’s note: Dr. James Clary is the scientist at the Chemical Weapons Branch, Eglin Air Force Base, who designed the herbicide spray tank and wrote a 1979 report on Operation Ranch Hand (the name of the spraying program using Monsanto and Dow Chemical Agent Orange), A piece of the report has been tansformed into a poem by KJ Touhy. The link and a segment of the report is below (thanks to KJ Touhy, M. Lapin and Mary Simon):

because the material was to be used on the ‘enemy,’
none of us were overly concerned.
We never considered a scenario
in which our own personnel
would become contaminated by the herbicide…

*military scientists

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