Monsanto’s Round-up – – the Gift That Keeps on Giving

A poem by Dr. Paul Blake, N.D

This new unnamed organism?/virus?
Monsanto has hatched out
we have feared would happen all along.
That science would let lose on us something
difficult to put back in the box once it was loose
The real villain in this is not the scientist,
but Monsanto type industries controlling science,
controlling government with the main goal of profit
and if there is collateral damage
toooo baaad with a big BAA HUBUG!!!

Occupy Eden in 2012

A Poem by Bob Boldt

Peace and Light be with you in 2012.
You know where to find me.
I’ll be in the garden–
through the first door on the left.

(Editor’s note: Bob tells me his Occupy Eden New Year’s Garden of Peace will also be an organic garden with a very small carbon footprint. No need for the life threatening, economically devastating chemcals from giant corporations like Monsanto. Furthermore he sends the link that inspired him: a few lines written by singer Joni Mitchell:

We are stardust,
Billion year old carbon.
We are golden,
Caught in Monsanto’s (the devil’s) bargain,
and we’ve got to get ourselves
back to the garden.

Editor’s not 2: emphasis and added word in the above lines are mine.

the leopard purrs and crawls through my window

A Poem by Ross Vassilev

they say some of the dust of 9/11
made it all the way to Ohio
I remember coughing a couple of times
that day
but that was about it
they say when NATO bombed Serbia
and destroyed that country’s
chemical plants a chemical cloud
spread over Bulgaria
and the people of Vietnam are still
suffering from the effects of Agent Orange
(good going Dow Chemical!)
and Agent Blue and Agent Green
and whatever other monstrous crap
the American war machine
invented back then
tears for the sufferings of the past
are as numerous as the
20 million dead Indians buried
in mass graves under the soil
of this nation
and I’m not fool enough to think
the future’s gonna be all bluebelles
and rosemary
but by the Gods
don’t let this be
another American century.

The Old Man in the New Body

How is it to be this old this new, Dow, Monsanto, Uniroyal--

A Poem by Gloria Stevens
–Thank you Len Aldis for all you do.
How is it to be this old this new
feet and hands and head
Agent Orange: Monsanto’s blood transfusion,
Dow’s tissue transplant.
Uniroyal’s gift of skin.
Look hard, but not away
stockholders, you who are apathetic,
all of you who do not know concern.
Americans, rise up–we caused this.
Author’s note: I have been reading this blog and the forum–and I will join the froum today.
Call your congressmen–support legislation to help all victims of Agent Orange.  


Chemical companies lied about Agent Orange

A found Poem by Sharron Kirk

“This material is exceptionally toxic; it has a tremendous potential for producing chloracne and systemic injury.” 

“The whole 2,4,5-T industry would be hard hit and I would expect restrictive legislation, either barring the material or putting very rigid controls upon it.”

“There is no reason why we cannot get this problem under strict control and thereby hopefully avoid restrictive legislation … I trust you will be very judicious in your use of this information. It could be quite embarrassing if it were misinterpreted or misused …”

“P.S. Under no circumstances may this letter be reproduced, shown, or sent to anyone outside of Dow.”

     –A letter by V.K. Rowe at Dow’s Biochemical Research Library to Bioproducts Manager Ross Milholland dated June 24, 1965:
From material by Jon Dillingham, Thanhnien News


The manufacturing companies of Agent Orange death

A found Poem by Sharron Kirk

Diamond Shamrock Corporation
Hercules, Inc. (thinking birth defects, death and disease made a new breed of Herculean people)
T-H Agricultural & Nutrition Company (believing Agent Orange made everyone healthier by destroying them slowly)
Thompson Chemicals Corporation
Uniroyal Inc. (hoping the mutations caused in the babies would turn into rubber skin for the making of better tires)
Monsanto Company (creating seeds for a dying society)
Dow Chemical Company

Monsanto’s own website:
With a link to research at the bottom of its article. (Read it carefully so you can see how major corporations rewrite history.)

Monsanto & Dow Making Headlines For Their Atrocities

Found Poetry by Sharron Kirk

Monsanto’s Agent of Death
Dow Chemical’s Role In The Bhopal Gas Tragedy
Monsanto’s Frankenstein Corn
Dow Chemical’s Role In The Bhopal Gas Tragedy
Monsanto’s Agent of Death

source: Dolores M. Bernal, NEWS JUNKIE POST

The actions from the past (and present) are hunting two well-known chemical companies.

Monsanto, the biggest chemical company in the world, and Dow, the second biggest, have been spotted making headlines lately as people, media, and bloggers keep writing about the atrocities committed by their products and their behavior.” –Dolores M. Bernal