Symphony of the Soil

Symphony of the Soil is director/producer Deborah Koons Garcia’s follow-up to the Future of Food.

“Our soils aren’t soil anymore, they’re dirt, D-I-R-T, the four-letter D-word in soils, because dirt doesn’t have the life. It doesn’t have the level of organic matter and that’s what we’ve done to our farmland.”

— Dr. Elaine Ingham, President and Director of Research, Rodale, 2011, President and Director of Research Soil Foodweb Inc., 1996-2011


 A Poem by Gloria Stevens

2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) is a common herbicide found in Agent Orange developed by Monsanto and Dow Chemical and used around the home and garden.

Here is how you grow rich:
plant 2,4-D everywhere
letting it seek skin and water,
soil and everything in reach
until every seed owned
is owned by you.

Did we not see what happened
fifty years ago, the legacy
still with us, the Agent Orange
children and the Agent Orange
grandchildren–Viet Nam?…

Here is how we grow poor:
plant 2,4-D everywhere,
let the chemical ravage
everything until there is nothing
and then you too feel its teeth,
the saliva in its jaws.

Sort Of

A Poem by Richard D. Hartwell

I am a Man of Monsanto, filled with burgeoning pride
in my work and my legacy.  I help mankind have a life,
a better life through the benefits of chemistry and
biology and genetics.  I helped win a war, well
sort of, and to raise bountiful crops, well
sort of, and to wipe out maleficent weeds, well
sort of, and to make tomorrow’s bright, well
sort of, but anyway I’ve raised my family
well, sent kids to college and set my
wife up in business, gave money to church.

I am a Man of Monsanto, filled with my increasing
remorse and regret for tragedies incurred by
those others I have not met: soldiers and farmers,
school children and their mothers.  Whether yellow
or brown of black or white, these are Orange people,
the people I have betrayed on down to the . . .
just which generation will it be weaned out?

Yes, I am a Man of Monsanto, but I’m busy now,
in fact, I have a golf date with the Man of Dow.

Pick Any Spot on the Map

A Poem by Ross Vassilev

the souls of dead soldiers
come back as crows
sitting in the naked branches
the last moments of winter’s sunset
hollow eyes
they seem confused
as though wondering what they really died for
if anything
(their country? religion? Dow Chemical?)
perhaps they remember
the bodies of the dead
men women children alike
splayed out in the grass
of so many foreign lands
far too many bodies for counting
dead soldiers
haunting this earth

From Death and Co.

Lines from a Poem by Sylvia Plath describing what was to come–the injuring of life by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, others…Vietnamese babies, victims of Agent Orange…

Photographs by Brendan B. Wilcox
Photographs by Brendan B. Wilcox

He tells me how badly I photograph.
He tells me how sweet
The babies look in their hospital
Icebox, a simple

Frill at the neck
Then the flutings of their Ionian
Their two little feet.

Navdanya, the Movement to Occupy the Seed

A Poem Developed from an Essay by Vandana Shiva

It starts with seeds.

We must Occupy Our Food Supply,
Monsanto, other corporations are destroying
our seed and soil, our water and land,
our climate, and biodiversity.

(Forty percent of the greenhouse gases
destabilize the climate right now
come from corporate industrial agriculture,
seventy percent of water is wasted
because of agribusinesses,
seventy-five percent of biodiversity lost
due to industrial monocultures.)

It starts with seeds.

From the seed to the farm
to the store to your table,
Monsanto, other corporations
seek total control
over biodiversity, land, and water.
They seek control over
how food is grown, processed, and distributed.
They are destroying Earth’s ecological processes,
our farmers, our health,
our freedoms.

(The system has pushed two billion
into food-related diseases, obesity and diabetes,
replacing healthy, local food cultures
with junk and processed food.)

It starts with seeds.


The Speech Monsanto’s CEO Wants to Make

A Poem by M. Lapin.

The scar faced boy and the scar faced man,
Skin dripping rash and disorder,
Walk through the Monsanto field
And can’t help but taste the acid in the haze,
The fizz of fresh chemical and treated crop.

One day there will be an easier route,
But that day is not today nor will it be tomorrow

Sorry. This is what we do, this is how we injure,
This is how we create a better world
For everyone else—just not you two
Walking the path through the field
To school, to marketplace, to jobs.

Monsanto, Go Away

Directed and edited by Diallo Sumbry. Performed by HUMAN. Words, performance and music by HUMAN.

Watch their video by clicking the link below:

Lyrics: Monsanto (Go Away!)

You say you want to help our community
Help the farmers sell more food
But all you sell to us is lies
You’re only looking out for you

You say its all about the children
And yet you feed them pesticides
We know its all about your profits
Because of you too many die

Chorus: Monsanto Go Away Go Away Go Away
You are NOT welcome on our land
Monsanto Go Away Go Away Go Away
You are trespassing on our land

You say you’re all about democracy
But then you interfere in our political process
You may have fooled some politicians
You may have given them some money

But this is not Washington DC
You cannot bully this community
We are much stronger than you think that we are
We are everywhere and we know who you are

Chorus: Monsanto…..

So if you know what is best for you
You will take your lies and go back home
You cannot tell your lies to change our minds
We don’t want your fucking poison seeds here in Mendocino

For many many years we grow our food the natural way
Earth she gives us all we need to sustain
We will not grow your chemi-crops, you take your herbicides and go
You will not poison our homeland we say its time for you to go.

Occupy Wallstreet Maui