Monsanto, Dow, Killing us Loudly–Destroying Humanity Through the Power of Soybeans

A List Poem by Shari Clark from the following website:

And doesn’t this seem like Agent Orange
crushing all of us
one disease
one ailment
one discomfort–
how many deaths, Monsanto, before you pull the plug on all of us?

Brain and Nervous System damage
Heart disease, arrhythmia
Thyroid damage
Thyroid suppression
Increased Cancer Cell Proliferation
Tumor Growth
Infantile acute leukemia (IAL)
Infertility and reproductive problems
Cancer(s) / Breast / liver / uterine / colon / thyroid / pancreas / prostate
Causing the Reoccurrence of cancer(s)
Cell death
Animal death
Human death
Chronic fatigue
Chromosome fragmentation, and errors in its orientation
DNA and chromosome damage
DNA double strand breaks
Immune system damage (including T-cell production, activity)
Immune system suppression (including suppression of T-cell production, activity)
Damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves
Endocrine disruption
Growth problems
Weight gain
Subtle changes in sexually dimorphic behaviors
Premature, delayed puberty, Pseudo-Puberty
Pancreatic disorders
Graves’ or Hashimoto’s Disease
Liver disease
Irritable Bowl Syndrome

How many more need suffer, Dow Chemical, before the end?

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