Monsanto’s Agent Orange, Chiari and Zipperheads

A Work in Progress by Heather of the Support Group for Zipperheads with Chiari (from a comment to Birth Defects by Shari Clark)

My children and I have Chiari,
a brain disease from Agent Orange.
My father was in Vietnam
and because he served his country,
his child and grandchildren are sick.
There is no cure.
My first born’s father died
and I have two more children.
They have Chiari from me
and I have it from my father
who suffers side effects now from AO.
I will never be better,
I will never live a normal life,
I have had brain surgery
and so has my children.
We have learned to live a life with love,
to enjoy each day good or bad,
and we send love and support and thank you.
There are many of us out there.
We are the Zipperheads for Chiari
with zipper-like scars on our heads
and we wear them proudly.

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  3. Thank you for posting my words. We suffer as no one will hear are hurt. We cry alone and feel alone as the world goes by. Most do not understand that the sting of Agent orange continues not just with our fathers and mothers but there children and now our children. We thank you for your love and support. We are here for all of you as well. With love Heather

  4. Look all I could say when I read about “Agent Orange causing Chiari” is: “OMG!!!” This woman is SO miss informed! I have Chiari myself and have had the surgery also. This is a brain condition you are BORN with. It is related to scoliosis
    and spinabifita. How this person came to think Agent Orange caused it I would truly like to know! If you will google “Chiari” there are hundreds of sites that will tell you the same thing.

  5. Dear Leigh Taylor,

    Exposure to Agent Orange has caused a lot of problems including Chiari in both Americans born from Viet Nam Vets and the Vietnamese—including large segments of their civilian population. No one is stating that Chiari is caused exclusively through exposure through Agent Orange. All that is being suggested is that Agent Orange is a likely candidate. Many Americans have birth defects and/or other issues because exposure to Agent Orange has been passed down genetically generation after generation. American Viet Nam Veterans (Heather’s father was in that war), for example, who were exposed have passed the gene down as have Vietnamese. Fortunately, Americans have the health care in place to deal with it–unfortunately, the Vietnamese are only now able to do the same (four generations later).

    Perhaps you would like to see more. Why don’t you go to our site:

    and read more and then go to our forum:

    and join in the conversation.

    Thanks so much for your comment and we hope to be able to continue dialoguing with you.

    Michael H. Brownstein,
    site admin.

  6. I am in total agreement. i too have chiari malfroamtion and mine is caused by my fathers exposure to agent orange. I am actually in a claim with the va for it and slowly waiting out their process. you may be born with chiari but its a mutation of genes that causes it. i will not argue but i am simply stating what i have been told by many well informed chiari doctors and lots of research.

  7. It is a very hard thing to think that the country we serve and war we send our men and woman too can be getting hurt and exposing not only there gens but there family. It is a very hard to understand and take in all of this information. Arnold Chiari Malformation may not all be from Agent Orange but with my family it sadly is. With my daughter bother her grandfathers were in the Vietnam War my daughter has Chiari and had surgery she was 15 years old. My son was nine when he was diagnosed with Chiari. We are waiting for his surgery. I have had to expect our reality and learn what has Agent Orange in it so we do not use it around our children some GMO’s you can not get away from. But in the end if you have Chiari and I have Chiari if there is a connection on why we have that in our gene or not we should support all Chiarians all that are sick and all human life, I’m sick I have all the time in the world to learn that’s what I do with my time for my children. I send you all love and support.

    To, admin thank you for the great links you are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work love too you.

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  10. Greetings, folks,

    I’m interested to know if anyone here has seen a successful claim for this at the VA. My dad was exposed to Agent Orange, and I’ve been decompressed for Chiari.


  11. Thanks. It doesn’t differentiate here between Type I and Type II Chiari, but I guess it’s worth a shot. I have Type I, though I’m not sure if spina bifida was ever ruled out. I’ll pull my records to check.

  12. I am the proud daughter of a vietnam vet. While defending his country he was exposed to agent orange like so many others. Little did he know many years later long after the war was over it would start to show it self (agent orange ) in the form of cancers, lung, skin, heart problems and more. Being his baby i have been sick throughout my entire life. Never connecting my many symptoms to the one culprit. Of them all (Chiari)of them all!

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